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Proper Termination of Spark Plug Wires

Finding the perfect spark plug wires to fit your car may not always be easy. The good news is that you can always cut and crimp your wires to the length you need.

It’s important to do this carefully. If done incorrectly it may cause a space to occur between the spark plug wire conductor and its terminal. This space reduces continuity, or the flow of electricity in the circuit. Thus a higher voltage build-up in the ignition coil is needed to not only jump the spark plug gap, but also the space left by the faulty termination. This situation tends to produce misfiring of the plug and thus causes difficult engine sharing, poor acceleration and plug fouling.

An improperly terminated lead will result in a reduction in gas milage, increase in emissions and even destruction of a catalytic convert.

Best Practices for Shortening Spark Plug Wires

Tools Needed: Crimping tool

  • Lubricate the cable with hand soap or silicone spray and slide the proper nipples and boots over the cable. Wipe off excess lubricant.
  • Using a crimping tool, strip the ends of the cable 5/8". Always be extremely careful not to nick the IRS conductor, causing the individual fibers to be exposed or fan out like a brush. The coating that binds the conductive fibers together must be intact
  • Fold the conductor over the cable and insert into the terminal crimp area with the conductor touching the terminal. Keep stripped conductor out of area where crimp ears mee when crimped.
  • Place the cable and terminal in proper crimping position of tool and crimp firmly. This method of termination will result in a reliable trouble-free connection.

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